Geminate II – by As Described is a Seamless Art Experience

It’s quite something to reinvent the wheel but digital artists Adam Seaman and Jim Horsfield (of As Described) have achieved this and then some with Geminate II, an interactive installation playfully engaging humans and passing cars at Colonnade House in the center of Worthing (March 21st – April 2nd, 2017). Well it’s not that they have reinvented the wheel it’s actually that they have created a new kind or mirror, one that synthesises us into animated and illuminated essence, which is actually very poetic and greatly enhanced by the excellent musical score composed by Andrew Philips.

Rarely have I encountered an installation that is so rewarding to engage with, it’s a fun life size screen app, one that plays with the idea of viewing and being viewed. What really slays it, is that it needs no explanation and everyone just gets it. The most unlikely people start dancing with each other, an elderly man stands transfixed, children jump for joy while parents chide them as they attempt to control the fervor of their ecstatic responses. Everyone becomes a performance artist in the grip of Geminate II. It’s a beautiful thing. It did remind me somewhat sentimentally of the legendary Big Chill Festival (which is where I first encountered Adam and Jim), the hi tech but human tone of the work effortlessly creating awe in the viewer.

The Arts Council will be jumping for joy at this one, there will be a festival of box ticking going on for public engagement and rightly so (here’s to mega impacts). Everyone involved deserves credit for staging this in a small seaside town and bringing this level of interactivity to the Sussex Coast. If you are anywhere near Worthing come and see and throw some serious shapes!

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