Storm Chorus release their debut single on Green Glass Records via Total Creative Freedom/Proper Music

It is with great pleasure that we announce that alternative folk innovators Storm Chorus (Rebecca Denniff and David Owen) have released their stunning debut single Died For Love . Available on iTunes here.

Label: Green Glass Records via TCF Ltd Distribution: Proper Distribution Global Release Date: 30/03/19


“Graphic artist and self styled folk agitator David Owen’s collaboration with singer/woodwind player Rebecca Denniff and producer Choque Hosein re write classics like Black Is The Colour and Polly Vaughan into a sort of cross between Shirley Collins and Nick Cave – like a folk KLF.” – Colin Irwin Mojo Magzine


“Rebecca Denniff’s vocals more than deliver the goods, and her phrasing gives the songs sharper edges and teeth; together with David Owen, Storm Chorus drones and transfixes with sweet squalls of trad-gone-dark, dark, dark.  Should be massive, in both this world and the next!”

Lee Blackstone – NYC Radio DJ & Folk Academic

On Died For Love Storm Chorus twist the narrative of the classic folk murder ballad where the woman is victimised and unceremoniously ceased for any number of transgressive reasons. On the single Died For Lovethe title track of forthcoming Storm Chorus album David Owen and Rebecca Denniff tell the story from the perspective of a murderess.


In doing so the songs and the album makes centuries of language used around violence towards women somehow more explicit and shocking. When you hear these songs reimagined in this way, something powerful, unsettling, and deeply ingrained in our culture is uncovered and interrogated.


Storm Chorus emerged out of sessions for the cult folk aggitators FLK led by David Owen and Choque Hosien who drafted in Rebecca Denniff to sing. FLK have a huge cult following with many people believing that the project was the work of KLF artist and conceptualist Bill Drummond. Rob da Bank started a twitter storm when he intimated that the FLK album was the KLF in disguise. Ironically this ambiguity was something Drummond himself enjoyed, he did nothing to confirm or deny his involvement, which only made things more intriguing.


David Owen is a polymath who is well known for his exceptional and subversive graphic design and art work, as well as having been the frontman of 90s indie sensations The Hollow Men. Rebecca Denniff is a brillaint music educator (MEd Equality and diversity), mother of four and a multi-instrumentalist whose second masters dissertation was written on the legacy of the folk song collectors in 21st century education, whose current area of academic interest is Folk music and Feminism.


Under the watchful eye of Mercury Nominated producer Choque Hosien (Black Star Liner), Storm Chorus manage to balance the tension between seemingly opposing genres to deliver a definitive creative statement,  a folk-gothic masterpiece for feminists and their allies. This may offend traditionalists but it’s probably meant too.

Storm Chorus will be playing on Thursday May 23rd LEEDS – Wharfe Chambers, Friday May 24th CARDIGAN (Wales) – Cellar Bar, Saturday May 25th WHITBY – Rifle Club with further UK tour dates around the June release of the album.



TCF’s new policy is to only announce releases formally once they are legally available as a way of addressing copyright infringement and harnessing momentum from the point of availability. For far too long small labels have built pre-release buzz only to lose downloads and streams to other people making their work available for free illegally. And no this is not a moan about music being given away and the promo system being working against the best interests of the artists.  Very often artists have no say in who gets given their music. So at TCF Towers we are  pro artist choice and empowerment in terms of the freedom to give.

The cat is well and truly out of the bag on the free downloads front.  This new way of working however, does allow an artist to benefit from the buzz building process from the outset as it starts with a legally available lproduct. It does mean though that the media will need to stop sticking so religiously to release dates and instead work with artists on impact dates with some understanding of how complex releasing music successfully in the independent sector has become. Careers are built and real artist development takes time. For further info email eugenie (AT/@)



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