Jo Harman – An exceptional talent singing in the changes

Starting the year as she means to go on Jo Harman hits the National Press ahead of the release of her vinyl album and single (Sweet Man Moses/ Heartstring at The Jazz Cafe on February 26th from 7pm


Jo Harman not only has a brilliant voice that touches people she also has the songwriting ability to do both justice (a rare gift). Jo also has a degree of focus and self awareness relating to her work that is deeply inspiring. That is why we all feel so honoured to be working with her and that is why the great and the good across the world are lending their ears to her universally acclaimed debut album Dirt On My Tongue . The album was released initially by Jo’s management Big I Am and was then licensed to V2 in Benelux, The Big Chill Label in the UK and TCF for the rest of the World.

Jo is one of those artists with absolutely everything going for them, the voice, the songs and most importantly the personal vision to see it through. You can work with the greatest talent on the musical planet who has ‘it’ in spades but for whatever reason does not get ‘it’ in terms of the way the industry is now ( tough, particularly for independent artists). If only it were possible to transfer the ‘it’ factor! Just in terms of talent and getting ‘it’ in terms of the industry. Unfortunately those qualities are not transferable and in my mind you either ‘have it and get it’ or you don’t and Jo does. Her commitment to the quality of her music and an incredible work ethic has seen her career going from strength to strength, based on the power of the work itself (no mass media hype). In my view she is one of the most important upcoming female singer songwriters because she is bringing a whole new audience to the Blues and melding it with her own take on Soul, Gospel, Country and a lyrical and melodic sensibility all of her own

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