Total Creative Freedom Ltd was founded by publicist and recording artist Eugenie Arrowsmith and music producer Lee Pepper in 2010.

The aim of TCF is to provide full support for every aspect of the creative process specifically but not exclusively for recording artists. We  offer commercially advantageous licensing deals,  distribution, label and artist management and full service media  promotion .

Our aim  is to empower our clients to grow their projects in ways that are unexpected and entirely in sympathy with their creative intentions. Be it by providing a great mix, a creative press and social media plan or by label managing an album release.

As a team we have experience in all aspects of releasing and licensing music and are proud to have worked with numerous international artists, labels and creative clients.

Over the years we have worked with Virgin, EMI, Buddha Bar Paris, Melt 2000, Big Chill Label and Six Degree’s Records to name just a few. We have also worked with leading lifestyle title Living etc, Designer Kansai Yamamoto and photographer Clive Arrowsmith on the Aviva/Save The Children project.

We welcome enquiries from prospective clients working in any genre of music or in the arts.  Our main requirement is that you are passionate and motivated so that together we can create a solid, forward thinking plan that delivers the results you need.

Our experience of licensing, label management, artist development, coaching, project management, social media promotion/web design and label management spans decades.

Below are a few examples of the projects we’ve been involved in.  Please get in touch if you feel we could help you with your project. We are based in Sussex and London.



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